Upcoming  Council Agenda

City Council Meeting Agenda

7 p.m. Tuesday Sept. 19, 2017 

Draft Agenda Items*

  1. Charitable Award to the Snohomish Food Bank by Puget Sound Energy
  2. Oath of Office to Police Chief
  3. 2018-2022 Capital Improvement Plan - Action
  4. Review City Council 2018 Goals - Discussion

* A link to the final agenda is posted to the Calendar item for the meeting the Friday before the meeting.

Past council materials and minutes are available in our Agenda Center.

City Council Budget Workshop

6 p.m. Oct. 3, 2017

Department Budget Presentations - City Council, City Manager, Support Services

Council Workshops are for council information and discussion only. No citizen comments are accepted.

City Council Meeting Agenda

7 p.m. Tuesday Oct. 3, 2017 

Draft Agenda Items*

1. Snohomish Health District - Presentation

2. Snohomish Police Department Quarterly Report - Presentation

3. Contract with Evergreen Security for Improvements at City Hall - Action