The City presently has two subareas, or districts, with special considerations and regulations, apart from the remainder of the City. The Historic District is located to the south, along the Snohomish River, and includes a vibrant commercial area as well as a residential neighborhood with single family homes dating from the 1860s to present. The Pilchuck District is located in the southeast, along the Pilchuck River, and includes an eclectic mix of land uses and structures.

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Snohomish Districts

  1. Historic District

    Historic District

    The Historic District has special standards to preserve the presence and character of the old commercial and residential structures downtown.

  2. Pilchuck District

    Pilchuck District

    The Pilchuck District was created by the City in 2011 with a vision of transforming this part of the City into a walkable neighborhood with a mix of residential and commercial uses.