The Planning Division’s charge is to ensure that the vision and values of the community are reflected in the city's Comprehensive Plan and appropriately implemented. The division develops and implements the following processes:
  • Conducts design reviews
  • Evaluates land use proposals
  • Develops long range planning policies
  • Oversees enforcement of zoning regulations
  • Provides planning and zoning assistance to citizens and developers
  • Undertakes land use studies

Long Range Planning

The Planning Department's long range responsibilities include preparing amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Master Plan, and Land Use Regulations contained within Title 14 of the Snohomish Municipal Code.

Current Planning

Current (project) planning responsibilities include public counter inquiries, development and land use permit review, processing of annexations, and development monitoring and data collection.

Planning Division Links

  1. Comprehensive Plan

    View information about the City's Comprehensive Plan, and learn how amendments to the Plan are processed.

  2. Districts

    Learn about the City's districts.

  3. Annexations

    View information about annexations to the City and how they are processed.

  4. SMP Update

    Information about the Shoreline Management Act, and the update to the City of Snohomish Shoreline Master Program